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ABAP on the Cloud & CAP

The ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP) is an important part of the SAP portfolio. It enables developers to create modern business applications that adhere to SAP Fiori design guidelines and access data in SAP S/4HANA and other systems through OData-based services. This model supports both cloud and on-premise deployments, allowing businesses to take advantage of the latest innovations from the SAP BTP ABAP Environment. With its ability to build business objects and services based on Open Data Protocol (OData) standards, the ABAP platform can be used for various scenarios within an organization. Furthermore, many of these services are provided as part of SAP’s standard offering, meaning that organizations don’t need to invest heavily in additional software or hardware when using this model. Using ABAP RAP can help any organization leverage the power of the SAP platform in a cost-effective way, while also providing they have access to the latest technologies needed for modern business applications. 


The Active ABAP Environment on SAP BTP is a cloud-based development and deployment platform for the open-source programming language, ABAP. It enables developers to efficiently develop and deploy applications in the cloud with minimal effort. This environment provides all the necessary facilities like automated abstraction of existing processes, rapid integration of new technologies, and deployment of changes with just a few clicks. All these features make it an ideal solution for companies with multiple systems running on different platforms as it makes it easier to create applications that are more robust and scalable. Furthermore, SAP BTP also offers tools such as Application Programming Interfaces (API) that allow the development teams to easily integrate their services into the SAP ecosystem. This helps them access, update and manage data across multiple systems quickly.

Fiori & UI5

The difference between SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 is that while SAP Fiori is a modern user experience (UX) for various SAP business applications, SAPUI5 is a UI development toolkit – or a collection of libraries – used to build Fiori apps. SAP Fiori apps are pre-built web-based solutions powered by UI5 that combine the latest user experience principles with powerful technology, such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. They provide role-based access to data and tasks related to an organization’s line of business. On the other hand, developers use the SAPUI5 framework to create custom applications with a consistent look and feel, using other technologies such as ECMAscript 6 or OData services. The SAP Fiori launchpad serves as the entry point for all designed app-like experiences, enabling users to navigate easily within their assigned roles. All together, these two things help companies improve efficiency and productivity by providing their employees with an engaging and productive user interface (UI).

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