SAP BTP & Cloud Transformation

SAP Business Technology Platform

The SAP Business Technology Platform (or SAP BTP) is an integrated platform enabling organizations to take control of their business operations by leveraging analytics, data management, and artificial intelligence. 

This cloud-based platform enables enterprises to unify their business processes and develop applications for both SAP and third-party products that can be deployed across hybrid environments. With its open architecture, companies can integrate intelligent technologies such as AI and machine learning into their existing enterprise solutions for smarter decision-making or make use of existing data sets for application development. 

The platform also provides insights into data from connected third-party applications to enhance visibility overall. In short, the SAP Business Technology Platform helps companies optimize their operations by providing a one-stop shop for all business processes, analytics capabilities, cloud infrastructure, and optimization through artificial intelligence.

Why choose SAP BTP and Complita?

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enable clients and businesses to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers and users.
With analytics, cloud platform, and integration capabilities, SAP BTP can help companies integrate data from various sources, build custom applications across multiple platforms, and leverage machine learning capabilities for a range of use cases. The integrated technologies offered by SAP BTP can provide increased control of cloud assets in a connected ecosystem, as well as enable companies to discover and act upon new insights about their customers.
With its wide array of features and functionalities, SAP BTP is ideal for any organization looking to leverage digital transformation initiatives and integrate platforms into an integrated suite in the most efficient manner possible. We can support you with our well educated employees who have over decades of experience in SAP and are experts in new SAP Technologies.

SAP Mobile Services

The SAP Mobile Platform is a mobile platform application, developed by SAP, that enables integration between back-end processes and mobile applications. It consists of an architecture and a suite of development tools that enable developers to easily create, access and deploy secure mobile applications with offline capabilities. The platform is built on the open data (OData) protocol for communication, meaning that any service or application that supports OData can be used in collaboration with the SAP Mobile Platform solution. This allows businesses to extend their existing applications and enable users to access the same data from their mobile devices as they do from their desktop environments. In addition, it provides organisations a safe, secure way to store sensitive data both online and offline. By leveraging the integration capabilities of the SAP Mobile Platform, businesses can significantly reduce time spent developing customised solutions for their specific need. SAP Mobile Start is a mobile app designed to make it easier for businesses to access and use SAP applications. It allows users to simplify the process of connecting to SAP with their mobile devices and provides a streamlined experience when accessing the app. With SAP Mobile Start, users can access core functions anytime, anywhere. The app gives users access to features such as business process support, connected applications from any device, and automated processes that help accelerate project implementation. With this helpful technology, Complita can focus on developing innovative strategies and enhancing experiences for their customers without worrying about complex software integration processes or security issues. SAP Mobile Start is an ideal solution for organizations looking to get the most out of their mobility system while ensuring they stay up-to-date with technological advancements in the field.

Connected Business Processes

Optimize your business processes with multiple-related tools. Leverage operations and secure a competitive edge with the SAP BTP solution.

Multi-Cloud Functionality

Make the most of your operations over multiple hyper-scale cloud environments that offer flexibility and reliability of customer operations.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Operate without any hurdles! Choose from over 15,000 partners across 25 industries to meet the needs of your business.

Rapid Implementation

Fast Prototyping, Go-live in shorter time, monetize investments, reduce the payback period, and fund subsequent high-value use cases without any backlogs.

Integrate Tools Of The Future

With simplified access to AI-based solutions, businesses can now explore more and uncover new opportunities for their business.

Real-Time Analytics Availability

With analytics at your fingertips in real-time, businesses can now evolve beyond their current operations.


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