SAP Application Managed Service

SAP Application Managed Service

SAP Application Managed Services are services offered by service providers to manage and maintain the SAP systems, applications and landscape of an organization. These services include the maintenance and management of the SAP environment, from SAP Basis to SAP Solutions, such as ERP or HANA. In a nutshell, these managed services help manage the entire SAP landscape in terms of setting up, optimizing and troubleshooting processes related to the selected SAP technologies. They provide day-to-day operational support for both on-premise and cloud based applications, enabling customers to benefit from innovative technologies with the help of specially trained experts. The provider helps customers reduce their expenditure on IT resources while streamlining their business processes. Thus, SAP Managed Services can be beneficial for organizations looking to optimize their existing SAP environment while remaining fully aware of any changes over time.

Why is APM so important?

Application Management Service (AMS) is an important part of the SAP Solution Delivery Model. It provides the ability to consume value-added Services from a dedicated AMS Provider, in order to maximize return on investment (ROI); as well as access business critical investments and resources. The benefits that come from having an AMS Partner include support for processes, proactive monitoring of applications, and direction for meeting changing business needs on an ongoing basis. By investing in SAP AMS, organizations have access to experienced professionals that offer the expertise needed throughout the entire lifecycle of SAP solutions, so they can deliver high value outcomes and the best possible ROI. In essence, leveraging an AMS Provider is essential to achieving optimal performance and cost savings associated with any SAP investment.

Connected Business Processes

Optimize your business processes with multiple-related tools. Leverage operations and secure a competitive edge with the SAP BTP solution.

Multi-Cloud Functionality

Make the most of your operations over multiple hyper-scale cloud environments that offer flexibility and reliability of customer operations.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Operate without any hurdles! Choose from over 15,000 partners across 25 industries to meet the needs of your business.

Rapid Implementation

Fast Prototyping, Go-live in shorter time, monetize investments, reduce the payback period, and fund subsequent high-value use cases without any backlogs.

Integrate Tools Of The Future

With simplified access to AI-based solutions, businesses can now explore more and uncover new opportunities for their business.

Real-Time Analytics Availability

With analytics at your fingertips in real-time, businesses can now evolve beyond their current operations.


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